Using a variety of suitable drones, DDV are able to perform a huge spectrum of inspections, ranging from small single dwellings to entire industrial complexes, and everything in between.


The use of such camera technology, whether hand held or in flight, makes it easy and safe to inspect hard to reach areas of buildings and to monitor, model and professionally shoot projects from the sky, and all at a fraction of the price of traditional methods.


The use of 3 axis stabilisation allows the drones to shoot super smooth 4K videos and take ultra- clear high definition photos. One of our drones, the Anafi Works, features a controllable +/- 90 degree tilt camera, which is unique to the market, allowing professionals to inspect under structures such as balconies or bridges. Most industries would benefit from using drones for building inspections, but perhaps the construction industry would get the most out of them.


Gathering aerial data quickly and efficiently can be invaluable, with savings being made immediately in terms of time and money. Problem spotting, progress monitoring, material quantity analysis and safety issues are all helped by regular drone inspections in this area.