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In March 2021, DDV were approached by high end estate agent Pearson Ferrier to capture imagery both internally and externally at two separate properties in the Lancashire area. The first property, Lovely Hall, was situated in the Egerton area in a fairly built- up residential location, whilst Black Dad farm was remotely located within its own grounds near Edenfield.

The brief from owner Julian Ferrier was to showcase both properties in the best possible way by producing imagery as an alternative to traditional still photography. This involved capturing lots of different perspectives externally, showing any potential buyer a much more rounded view of their prospective purchase, whilst also giving a moving tour of the interior which hopefully achieved the same goal. Sometimes, it is difficult to see how a property fits into the surrounding topography, and Julian was keen to show that Pearson Ferrier were are of this and would provide a solution with the use of a drone.

Julian was quick to acknowledge that drones were new to him but recognised how they complimented the use of more traditional photography techniques. He was also aware that clients with higher end priced properties almost expected this kind of imagery nowadays, using the very latest in terms of technology to create a more holistic view.

Although we had flown for several estate agents previously, the same pre site concerns raised their heads and prompted a thorough planning schedule before arrival on site. These concerns included;

· Data protection/privacy issues whilst filming, especially internally so we didn’t show anything from a personal or security perspective.

· Privacy issues externally if neighbouring properties are included

· Selection of a good weather day, and also time to suit the house owner

· Liaising with both the house owner and the estate agent to ensure they are happy with the product before leaving site, as continuity problems can arise if filming on different days

· How to move the imagery quickly and securely so folk can view the pictures in the shortest time frame.

Preplanning played a major part in overcoming the majority of our concerns, and briefly these included;

· Leafleting adjacent properties to let them know we were filming and that we wouldn’t be filming their houses, although it may look like it

· Following all data protection/privacy/CCTV guidance with the use of signs, Hi-Viz, overtness and also utilising hyper-lapse (speeding up the film) to avoid showing anything private internally.

· Good use of local weather apps to secure the best possible time for filming

· The use of ‘WeTransfer’ as a data movement tool

We visited both properties on a recce before going back to film on a dedicated day, a necessity we have found, as we don’t then encounter any nasty surprises on the day. Although this can be time consuming, we do it on virtually every job, no matter the task type, as it always pays dividends and makes our risk assessment process far more streamlined.

Dealing with Lovely Hall first, the actual filming went very well with external footage being linked seamlessly with our internal filming. The property was in exceptionally tidy condition which made our job a lot easier, as this isn’t always the case when we film internally!!! We must hold our hands up in that we did make a mistake by missing a wine cellar on the first shoot, totally our fault as we hadn’t secured a full brief from the client, and so missed the hidden door. It’s a good mistake to make though, as future shoots will not start until we know exactly how many rooms require filming and where they are!!!

Black Dad Farm went equally as smoothly, but we were able to concentrate on the external aspect more, given the stunning views on all 4 sides. We used a technique where we will capture internal footage which seems to fly out of a large window/balcony and then continue upwards to showcase the view from the property. You can only create this with a drone, so the vendors were extremely happy with the finished article.

A good learning point for us from both properties was estimating the length of any video when editing our imagery. The house owner would prefer it to be around 2-3 mins, but the client generally wants a more impactful shorter version, so getting the length and supporting soundtrack right isn’t easy, but is something we seem to be getting right over and over again.

When we approached owner Julian from Pearson Ferrier for some feedback, he gave us this short passage;

“I was really pleased with the work DDV produced for us, as it introduced a new angle to our established photography work. When you’re selling properties at or around £1 million, owners expect a high-end polished product with sets it apart from other similar houses. By using the drone, we achieved this in spadefuls, and at a fraction of the cost I was expecting. I’d have absolutely no problem using Chris and Kane again, their professionalism and passion was a real breath of fresh air, and it was especially useful that they were able to operate without any of our staff present as chaperones. Thanks DDV, really impressed.”
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