How to make your property stand out from the crowd is one of the key requirements when considering promotional media, and the increased use of drones in recent years has taken this in a new and uniquely upward direction.


Drone imagery can play a huge role in presenting your property in the best possible light, which in turn attracts buyers drawn in by situational awareness they will not have seen before. Traditional ground based photography limits the parameters of what can be displayed to a potential buyer, whereas aerial imagery captures facets of your property using cinematography more reminiscent of a Hollywood movie.


DDV anticipates heavy utilisation of this type of media by the estate agent sector, but do not rule out multiple different industries benefitting from promoting a building using aerial technology.


Property Promotional Media is one area which will benefit massively from a well edited video, and this imagery goes hand in hand with a well thought out and constructed drone flight. DDV pride themselves on their editing prowess, providing a final result which will instantly appeal to the first time viewer.